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Prenatal Lactation Workshops

Great news! Simone has joined forces with the Doula Duo to bring you the most informative class to prepare you for bringing baby home!

Simone Coulter RN, BScN, IBCLC, Full Circle Lactation will teach you what to expect with infant feeding in the first weeks of life and beyond. Topics will include the following:


  • Normal newborn feeding behavior

  • How to recognize hunger cues

  • Effective latching techniques

  • Signs of effective breastfeeding/chestfeeding

  • How to manage common complications including non latching babies, nipple pain/damage, engorgement, short/long feeds and more.

  • How to promote support and protect your milk supply

  • Safe formula use/preparation

  • Alternative feeding methods

  • Pumping basics


The Doula Duo will answer all of your questions about what to expect for the first few weeks after giving birth, including:

  • physical recovery

  • emotional recovery

  • mental health

  • self-care

  • baby care​

To learn more about the Doula Duo visit their website:


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